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to CIAA 2010 submission 8: A Polynomial Time Match Test for Large Classes of Extended Regular Expressions (Daniel Reidenbach, Markus L. Schmid).

Test results:

Test Results.

Test sets:

All the input instances are provided in text (.txt) files and there are several files for each test scenario. The patterns are represented as strings over the set of integers, i.e. every variable is represented by an Integer. The variables are separated by space characters. Input words are strings over the alphabet {0, 1}. Every pattern, together with the following word, describes an instance. For each pattern there is a positive instance, directly followed by a negative. All instances are separated by line breaks. The input files (each test case as a single Zip file, containing all text files) can be downloaded by clicking on the links in the first column of the table below.

  Number of variables Variable distance
Test set 1 10 2
Test set 2 10 3
Test set 3 10 4
Test set 4 15 2
Test set 5 15 3
Test set 6 15 4

Java source code:

The Java source code can be downloaded as a Jar file, a Zip file or each .java file separately. Regarding the latter, please be aware of the package structure given in the list below.